With the growing era of affordable online printing services of photos, inkjet printers are going out of trend. That means their demand is next to no as compared to the past decade. But if we see, there are still some of the people in our society who prefer DIY projects and also state that it is cheaper to get photos printed from the home printer. Let me ask you here that is this seems right to you?

Comparing the Cost

If you the expenses incurred between printing at home and online services. We are going to do this by breaking down the actual cost price among them both. To make this more convenient for the understanding purpose, I will be focusing on 4×6 size prints. 

Okay! Let’s assume here that the occasional discounts or rewards offered by photo printing Singaporeservices online do not exist at all. Well if I tell you maximum to minimum charges of such services, then they are in between 0.09 to 0.12 dollars per picture printing. Now I am moving ahead by comparing the other side. Before we see the cost of producing images from the home printer, we will need a proper setup. Thus requiring a whole inkjet printing machine, few of the 4×6 photo printing papers and might be a good quality ink.  

However, if you prefer Canon Pixma like a printer, then it will produce 9600 color DPI and range around 180 dollars, so this is what a budget price is going to be for any pretty decent printer. Even if you ignore the cost of the printer considering it as an asset then still it will cost you around 0.12 dollar for every 4×6 picture that you will print at home.

Speed and Control

If you are printing at home, then it will give you control as well as speed. One of the best aspect that printing services can’t match with home printing is that you have control over everything. As you can use the best of all materials like matte paper, special ink and of course the printer which will produce incredible images for you.

Therefore, no longer you have to wait for the mail to arrive in your inbox so that you can check the pictures. Other than this, if you feel dissatisfied with the print, you have an option of discarding the photos also.

Concisely, according to me, you can quickly produce the cheap price pictures by sitting at your nestle only. Besides all this, you can print as many as photos from your printer even without looking at the cost as compared to online photo printing Singapore. Well, experiment this once with your printer and believe me it’s going to be great fun. I should not mention this, but you can print your photos through an online service any time. This all will make you learn the art of printing and who knows you might end up like professional photo printing service companies.


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